Hi-Point Torture Tests

Late last year we decided to show how much abuse a Hi-Pont Firearm can endure. Not just a torture test, but an entire series of video segments that will focus on the reliability and accuracy of a Hi-Point. We have started off the series with one 995TS carbine and will expand it into our handguns as well.

Some of our Hi-Point fans understand that our firearms will work in just about any situation but there are those out there who are unsure. So we decided to put our guns to the test.

Be sure to stay with us, we have more test videos coming soon. Have an idea for a test you would like to see? Let us know!

Post your ideas to us via Facebook, and YouTube.


Where to find a particular Hi-Point

State laws and inventory levels vary. So, to learn about your local laws or availability of a specific Hi-Point item, contact a local dealer.

For your convenience, we have made available an online Dealer Locator.


Hi-Point Firearms Goes Green!

It has been some time but Hi-Point has produced a small amount of the JCP 40 S&W and JHP 45ACP pistols with green slides and frames.

They are out there now so if you are looking for a green 40 or 45 pistol check with your local dealer.

The suggested retail price of these limited run green guns is $199 each.


Hi-Point encourages you to join the NRA.
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