Congratulations to John Daugherty!

He was the winner of 500 rounds of 9mm for our 500 Round Giveaway!

Congratulations to the following 10 winners of a Hi-Point T-Shirt:

James Demsey

E Eastwood

Darrell Liggett

Ronald Marshall

John Matteson

Gary Newman

Art Rivas

Tom Rockey

Richard Schurman

Ron Struzik


Where to find a particular Hi-Point

State laws and inventory levels vary. So, to learn about your local laws or availability of a specific Hi-Point item, contact a local dealer.

For your convenience, we have made available an online Dealer Locator.


Hi-Point Firearms in Camouflage!

New for 2015 are hydro-dipped camouflage patterns! You can now get the 995TS, 4095TS and 4595TS in Desert Digital, Pink Camo, and Woodland. Also available are the C9, JCP40 and JHP45. The CF380 and new 3895TS carbine are available in Original Black and Pink Camo. Check with your local dealer.

Need to add a little flavor to your existing Hi-Point pistol? Check out the hydro dipped grip panels.

We now offer new grip sets in Desert Digital, Pink Camo and Woodland just like the complete firearms, we also have Carbon Fiber and Snake Skin pattern. The new hydro-dipped grips are available for all four Hi-Point pistol models(CF380, C9, JCP40, and JHP45). MSRP $17.00


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