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A family owned and operated firearms manufacturer in the Midwest, Hi-Point is proud of our 30-year history. We started out as the engineering brains behind the handcrafted firearms that we would eventually go on to sell years later. Just as we did then, we continue to design our quality firearms the way we would want them to be. In other words, if we wouldn't use them, we wouldn't sell them.

When you purchase a Hi-Point® firearm, you are partnering with a company that carries deep-rooted pride in its heritage and hard work. We are the home of "the working man's gun," celebrating our commitment to manufacturing guns that are built tough and affordable for the people who work hard on the lines every day.

Our firearms are 100% American made and we guarantee a lifetime replacement of our work. This means you can get the most gun for your dollar, the pride of supporting an American based company, and a lifetime warranty on all of our firearms. When you purchase a Hi-Point® firearm, you purchase the Hi-Point® promise...and you just can't put a price tag on that.

Hi-point Firearms affordable firearms

At Hi-Point® Firearms, there is nothing more important to us than making sure you are proud of the firearm you carry. From part to finished product, we run our business the way we run our homes – with care and commitment. Our only goal is to give you what you want in a gun, with a price tag you can't resist. From start to finish, we want to make good on that word.

We want to keep our fans satisfied. That's why you can count on us to continue improving our processes and fine-tuning our products to provide you with the best value firearms the market can offer. As long as our fans keep supporting us, we'll keep supporting them with kickass guns...that everyone can afford.

Hi-point Firearms American Made. American Promise.

We provide more than just an American made product – we provide an American made promise. That means we are committed to providing you with a firearm that resembles your commitment as an American, acknowledges your right to bear arms, and represents your hard work, pride, and grit.

At Hi-Point®, we take great pride in our hard work, reliability, and consistency. Cutting corners just aren't part of our vocabulary – on or off the job. When it comes to your firearms, you don't want to make any second guesses. At Hi-Point®, we make sure you don't have to.

Hi-point Firearms supports the second amendment

Damage, age, and plain old wear and tear: it just happens. When it does, however, our customers learn quickly that we are different from the rest. At Hi-Point®, lifetime means just that. We proudly provide repairs for the life of the gun, whether you are the first owner or the third. Some restrictions may apply. Please call (419) 747-9444 for more information on warranty service.

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